Why Nephin

Today’s buildings and technology portfolios demand more expertise in overcoming the complexities of securely connecting networks of disparate services and amenities across multiple facilities and user classes — owners, tenants, utilities, and a host of vendors. That’s where Nephin comes in.

We take a more proactive approach to technology design by consulting on the potential solutions rather than just repeating the last project or architecture. Each project is unique, so Nephin becomes more involved with the design, delivery, and implementation of technology and working collaboratively with the team(s) to achieve your goals.

Nephin’s unique attributes can help you simplify the design, management, and delivery of complex IT/IoT/OT/cloud infrastructures and technologies to support your business or smart building:

A “One-Stop Shop”

Nephin is different because we are one of the very few firms to offer a “one-stop shop” for technology infrastructure consulting, design, and technical project management, with a wide breadth of knowledge of the smart technologies and the IT infrastructure to support them. As your IT partner, Nephin can ensure that the design, management, and delivery of all technology portfolios in a smart building will be done in the most flexible, scalable, and secure way.

Drawing upon the core in-house expertise of our subject matter experts, we can also ensure that our smart-building strategies with specific technologies are consistent across all buildings in your portfolio, whether building new structures or assessing existing buildings for smart upgrades. Nephin also offers energy audits and assessments for sustainable architecture that leverage our expertise in energy technology to help you best manage and monitor your energy systems portfolio.

Master Systems Integrator (MSI)

What sets Nephin apart from other consulting firms is our role as MSI for smart buildings. Collaborating with our clients’ contractors, we bring proven technology project management skills and many years of IT experience to design, manage, and deliver complex IT networks to support smart-building amenities and systems.

Unfortunately, the traditional building design process only considers a small fraction of the elements required for a robust, scalable, flexible, and most of all, secure network and IT environment to support smart buildings and IT infrastructure for businesses. Nephin’s technical teams approach building design for the digital age to help you define your IT infrastructure strategy and design it for you. We’ll develop strategies to best manage your smart-building infrastructure. Over time, we can assess and audit your smart-building portfolio and advise you on upgrading to the next-generation smart-building technology as the needs of your business and your tenants grow and evolve.

Teams With Broad Expertise

Our people can act as an extension of your design and engineering teams led by your architects, or we can work with your company as a direct consultant and collaborate with your architectural and engineering teams to deliver the design. We educate and inform clients on their options; document the solution and perform vendor due diligence; administer bid processes; lead and manage teams through implementation; and close out the project as necessary for operational success. Nephin’s experts understand not only the physical layer of technology, but also the complex network security requirements that smart-building tenants expect as a part of world-class smart-building development. All of our technology recommendations are designed to engage the end user through the latest smart software, apps, and services.

Our teams ensure that all technology is installed, integrated, and consistently manageable. Most importantly, we comply with IT security best practices for cybersecurity to protect sensitive data of businesses, clients, tenants, building owners, and third-party suppliers.

The Nephin Advantage

  • Holistic technology experience
  • MSI services
  • Extensive experience in smart-building IT infrastructure
  • Expertise in designing and delivering smart-building network cybersecurity
  • Assessments and audits of smart-building portfolios
  • Energy assessments and “green” building compliance audits
  • A single consulting and design partner for the full breadth of technology consulting and design