Technology Consulting Services

Align IT Services With Your Business Needs and Opportunities

Businesses today depend on up-to-date, reliable IT services to support business goals, customer requirements, and ultimately, continued business growth and innovation. How can you ensure that your IT services are responsive and reliable enough to maximize uptime for demanding users, yet be cost efficient, scalable, and secure? And how can you make your IT infrastructure align with business needs for a greater competitive advantage?

Nephin can help you to identify, design, implement, manage, and improve your IT services, using the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework, for example, to ensure that your IT services are aligned with your business needs. Our experienced IT consulting teams have expertise in dealing with all aspects of IT infrastructure — developing system architectures; disaster recovery; energy monitoring and management solutions; data center due diligence; and MEP design development. In addition, our extensive business insight into best-practice solutions to meet today’s complex IT challenges sets us apart from typical IT consultants. Nephin is also different because we provide:

  • Vendor-independent advice focused on your requirements
  • Ability to identify hybrid and multi-vendor solutions to best meet your needs
  • Scalable solutions that can be customized to your needs
  • Cost-effective and flexible strategies that deliver maximum return on investment
  • Technical management resources that save you time and money

Nephin’s IT and data center consulting deliverables may include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyzing and optimizing your IT infrastructure
  • Aligning your IT strategy with your business goals and requirements
  • Developing your next-generation infrastructure architecture
  • Positioning your organization for success using industry best practices
  • Developing a disaster recovery and continuity plan to protect your IT and business interests
  • Providing insight and perspective on leading-edge solutions such as OpenStack, SDN, and more

Optimize IT Infrastructure for Competitive Advantage

Technology Strategy, Architecture & Roadmap Development

Nephin delivers customized best-practice technology solutions to meet your business needs while supporting future growth and innovation, for a more competitive advantage. Our holistic approach integrates management (concept, commitment, and engagement), technical (IT engineering, operations, facilities, and tools), and support (process, operations, and partners).

IT Services

Nephin technology experts conduct an in-depth analysis of your infrastructure, including facilities, server, storage, networking platforms, and the dependent services and applications. We present the findings to engage both technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring broad support for strategy development, project proposals, and implementation.

Data Centers: Infrastructure Design, Migration, Rationalization, Disaster Recovery

In conjunction with our Data Center Services practice, Nephin technology consultants can assist you with the full range of services for designing, selecting, and implementing advanced data center technologies. We can develop a high-level technology architecture for budget purposes, or detailed design documents for the construction team, all the way through bid documents to provide a quote for your new data center environment. Visit the Nephin Data Center Services page for more information.


Infrastructure Costs

What developers are overpaying for the quality of IT hardware installed in their buildings, relative to enterprise customers — Nephin can develop more appropriate solutions and save costs in comparison

Nephin Technologies is a energytech consulting firm providing IT infrastructure, energy, and smart-building services to businesses nationally and internationally.