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We are a full-service Information & Communications Technologies and Energy Services firm, working with architects, construction project managers, building owners, and tenants to provide secure, scalable, cost effective, integrated solutions.

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Delivering the best
practices of
infrastructure design.

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Design and strategy for vendor independent solutions to meet current and future business and technical needs.

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Data Center

Customer-centric solutions to complex requirements.

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Integrated energy management and monitoring solutions to reduce operating costs

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Technical and budgetary planning, management, and execution.

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Nephin Technologies

Vendor Agnostic, Business Focused, Broad Expertise

At Nephin, we approach information & communication technologies (ICT) and energy services consulting differently by beginning with what matters most—understanding what is important to our clients’ success. We then work with our clients to deliver tailored solutions with technical excellence, unmatched business focus, vendor independence, resource optimization, and cost control.

We’re vendor independent, meaning we’re free to choose the best solution for every project—from complex global network architectures to ICT for small offices for companies ranging from Fortune 100/500 companies to start-ups spanning a broad range of industries, to educational institutions, and government entities.

Nephin’s team of technology professionals and project managers has broad experience across IT, building & energy technology and services projects. This allows us to be a single-source service provider and makes our solutions exponentially more scalable, manageable and cost-effective.

We are one of the few consulting firms with the ability and expertise to deal with all aspects of infrastructure – from developing system architectures and disaster recovery environments or plans to energy monitoring and management solutions, from data center site due diligence to MEP design criteria development.

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