Data Center Consulting Services

Customer-Centric Data Center Consulting for a Competitive Advantage

Your data center is the lifeblood of your business — and the stronghold of your customers’ data. How can you build or retrofit your data center to best meet your customers’ expectations and earn their trust? With the constant threats of data breaches and hacking, protecting your customers’ sensitive data in a cloud-based or hybrid cloud environment is more challenging than ever. Is your data center technology platform secure and redundant, to avoid data loss? Also, as energy costs rise, you need a more efficient and sustainable — and highly reliable — energy platform. How do you ensure business continuity for you and your customers, while also meeting due-diligence security regulations and government mandates for a reduced carbon footprint?

Whether you are building new or modifying an existing infrastructure, Nephin can help you meet all of today’s data center challenges. Our Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 data center customers have complex requirements and high standards for success. Nephin’s Data Center Consulting Services satisfies those demands with best practices and customer-centric solutions for data center technology advancement, rationalization, and optimization.

Working as your trusted consulting partner, Nephin’s team leverages its comprehensive knowledge and experience in:

  • Data center assessment
  • Design and engineering
  • “Green” energy management and IT solutions
  • Site due diligence
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security
  • MEP design

Nephin’s data center consulting deliverables may include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing and engineering your data center infrastructure for a competitive advantage, using OCP and other hyper-scale approaches, along with conventional methods
  • Rationalizing and simplifying your data center or data center portfolio to gain more efficiency and cost control
  • Providing strategic business continuity solutions to support your business during disasters, other unexpected disruptions, or opportunities such as mergers and acquisitions
  • Simplifying and improving the performance of your data center environment through open source solutions and modular hardware
  • Reducing your carbon footprint and operating costs through unique energy strategies and infrastructure designs
  • Improving efficiency and flexibility with software-defined networking (SDN) and other solutions for data center infrastructure virtualization

Make Smarter, More Confident Infrastructure & Technology Decisions

Comprehensive Data Center Design, Construction, Administration/Management

Nephin is a single-source design, consulting, and implementation resource for all aspects of data center infrastructure development or retrofitting. Leveraging our experience with efficient IT architectures, green infrastructure strategy, and energy conserving management, we help you achieve “green” environmental goals more cost effectively. Our services also include fiber and copper cable plant design; electrical and mechanical system load calculations; and construction management coordination with IT teams and vendors.

Scalable Data Center Architecture & Design

Nephin understands data center complexity and the need for scalable, flexible design. Nephin’s data center consulting team offers the technical expertise and project management services to help you modernize your data center to meet today’s requirements for scalability, efficiency, availability, and flexibility. Our expertise spans frameworks and paradigms including ITIL, SOA, Uptime, Open-IX, OCP, and many others.

Optimizing Advanced Data Center Technology

Nephin can help you identify relationships and dependencies for systems, services, and applications across the board, to ensure a successful project from the start — from basic concepts such as static IPs versus DNS and legacy system and application performance limitations, to WAN and LAN sizing, virtualized platforms, management, optimized hardware architectures, and more. Our team identifies and documents the strategy; supports executive or sponsor buy-in; and sets expectations for process, timeline, roles, and responsibilities. See the Nephin Technology Services page for more information on our capabilities for technology infrastructure design, selection, and implementation.

Data Center Migrations

Nephin teams complete a thorough assessment of the IT environment, including scoping the project, collecting relevant data, developing migration group compositions, and coordinating the actual migration with internal business groups/departments. Nephin can also manage the decommissioning process for redundant data centers, facilitate the updating of your configuration management database (CMDB), and ultimately perform a knowledge transfer with the operations team to ensure continuity of support when the project team disbands.

Data Center & Infrastructure Rationalization

Using our experience and applying industry best practice, we can complete a strategic review of your IT infrastructure, identifying the number of data centers, their geographic location, duplication of assets and services, and any risks or exposure. We will recommend an overall strategy that integrates disparate systems and architecture(s) and sets out the cost-benefit analysis of the solution to ensure a successful outcome.

Data Center Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity & Plan Development

Let Nephin develop a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) plan, from identifying risk factors to infrastructure architecture. With options that go beyond the traditional hot-site/cold-site approach, or dependence on expensive third-party vendors, our approach will improve your daily business operations — and not just at a time of crisis.

Data Center Due Diligence

Nephin consultants leverage years of experience and insights on fulfilling due diligence requirements, including data center site selection, build versus buy, vendor services benchmark, infrastructure assessment, and more.

20% - 40%

Lower Operating Costs

Operations cost reduction for data centers implementing specialty cooling and density infrastructure by 2025 (source: Gartner)

Nephin Technologies is a energytech consulting firm providing IT infrastructure, energy, and smart-building services to businesses nationally and internationally.