Smart Buildings & Smarter Infrastructure

Smart-building owners and tenants have high expectations for digital communications, reliable network access for data sharing, automated building systems, sustainable energy management systems, and more. But which of the smart technology innovations in today’s vast digital marketplace are most relevant to your project goals? How do you develop the best building design strategy and IT infrastructure to make your building smart, while also ensuring the security of data sharing across multiple users and integrated networks? Nephin has the answers and the IT expertise for smarter infrastructure design.

Nephin’s Smart Buildings practice utilizes our traditional building infrastructure design and IT consulting services to develop and implement secure, scalable, and flexible infrastructure that supports your project goals and the changing tech landscape of smart buildings. Nephin’s technology professionals draw upon decades of experience in converged technology solutions and security to ensure that all business and technical needs are met. Whether working as a consultant, designer, or Master Systems Integrator (MSI), Nephin’s team leverages its design expertise to define requirements and create the necessary engineering documentation for delivering an integrated and secure smart-building infrastructure.

Make Smarter Infrastructure Design Decisions With Nephin

To help you meet owner and tenant goals, Nephin’s smart-building technology deliverables may include:

  • Layer 1-3 infrastructure solutions based on network standards and protocols, with systems sourced from a wide variety of vendors and technologies
  • Physical security systems
  • Audiovisual systems and collaboration
  • Incorporation of building automation, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system management
  • Smart technologies that will scale with client needs and budget
  • Cloud options: public or private cloud, remotely hosted or on-site, or hybrid cloud
  • Enterprise-grade security architecture, systems, and management solutions to protect assets and owners from compromise
  • Platforms that utilize Internet of Things (IoT) components and frameworks, geared for interoperability

Smart Buildings & Smarter Infrastructure Design

Smart-Building Architecture Development & Advisory Services

An effective system depends on a clear and well-defined system architecture. We’ll work with you to define goals and objectives for security, users, systems, control, automation, and operating parameters — whether for a high-rise office building or a custom home.

Nephin will translate those goals into an effective strategy, operating guide, and design documents to ensure all resources involved understand the requirements and expectations.

Master Systems Integration

Many traditional integrators and contractors simply don’t have the expertise to securely and effectively deliver smart buildings. That’s why you need Nephin as your MSI services partner. We provide oversight along with hands-on management and technical services to ensure that project goals and standards are achieved. Nephin MSI teams work closely with your contractors on the more nuanced technical areas, including engineering, software development, and project management services, to deliver a cohesive, working solution.

IT Infrastructure & Structured Cabling Design

Nephin translates the technology requirements for IT and communications infrastructure into understandable design documents for architects, engineers, integrators, and contractors alike. From calculations that help size UPS, HVAC, and other systems, to bid processes and construction management, Nephin’s in-depth knowledge of IT systems, services, and operations ensure that the IT infrastructure effectively supports all current smart-building systems — and can scale up as technology requirements evolve.

Physical Security

Physical security of facilities, assets, and operations is crucial — not just from a traditional access control perspective, but also for governance, compliance, and enforcement. Whether for internal controls or regulatory measures such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), modern security systems can play many roles.

Systems are also becoming more intelligent and integrate at various levels across an organization. Rather than discretely operating as a physical security system, IT security, or otherwise, integrated and intelligent solutions converge and correlate events across global facilities and IT systems. They often use a single credential with multi-factor authentication, for heightened levels of security and also convenience, ensuring the two no longer need to be mutually exclusive.

In order to provide comprehensive solutions that enhance your company’s overall security posture, we use:

  • Converged infrastructure solutions and strategies
  • IP systems
  • Transport mechanisms
  • Intelligent algorithms

Audiovisual Technology & Collaboration

Office environments, data sharing, and employee collaboration needs are evolving. Users are mobile, virtual offices and meetings are common, and sharing of information through screen shares or collaborative file editing has become essential. Traditional audiovisual (AV) solutions are often custom built and limited in their capacity to leverage converged technologies or be flexible over time.

We provide an evolutionary leap in designing AV systems by merging traditional AV with IT concepts, including IoT and cloud solutions. Our AV design and consulting services incorporate the business goals for easy and effective collaboration by working with architects, designers, and end users to integrate systems with spaces. No longer relegated to a conference room, collaboration tools should be available where and when they’re needed — whether in an open office area or through a mobile app.

AV solutions are also still needed on site, to support communication at large gatherings and for information delivery — from boardroom technology to digital signage in a conference center. Or perhaps the application is a custom home with very unique requirements and unified interface goals. In any case, Nephin has the skill set to create the solution and work with the design and construction team to ensure needs are met with an easy-to-use system.



Operational cost reductions through energytech convergence


Savings Across the Smart Campus

Combined savings and revenue opportunities across smart-building cost centers: energy, rent, and staff for tenants

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