About Nephin Technologies, Inc.

Customer-Focused. Vendor-Agnostic. Highly Skilled.

Nephin Technologies is a full-service information and communication technologies (ICT) services firm, working with architects, construction project managers, building owners, tenants, and businesses of all types to help them design, manage, and deliver integrated infrastructure solutions for smart buildings, sustainable architecture, and data centers.

At Nephin, we approach ICT and energy services consulting differently by beginning with what matters most: understanding what is important to our clients’ success. We then work with our clients to deliver tailored solutions with technical excellence, unmatched business focus, vendor independence, resource optimization, and cost control.

We’re vendor independent, meaning we’re free to choose the best solutions for every project — from complex global network architectures to ICT for small offices. We can serve organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100/500 companies across a broad range of industries, including education and government.

Nephin’s team of technology professionals and project managers has broad experience across IT, building technology, and energy technology, as well as services projects. This enables us to be a single-source service provider and makes our solutions exponentially more scalable, manageable, and cost effective.

And Nephin sees it through to the end. Our technical project managers lead the process and drive the project to success. Since we understand the technologies, we can be more effective in managing the team, identifying opportunities, threats, and other factors that impact the outcome. As a Master Systems Integrator (MSI), Nephin is one of the few consulting firms offering infrastructure, technology, and energy expertise — from IT assessments and developing system architectures to energy monitoring, hybrid cloud energy solutions, and more.

In addition, Nephin can deliver solutions as a service — a fully integrated, turnkey energytech model that simplifies the process and minimizes risk, while providing complete support and customer engagement after the system is operational.