Technology Consulting

Today’s businesses depend on up-to-date, reliable IT services to support their activities. These services must be responsive and reliable to maximize ‘up-time’, yet be cost-efficient.

We can help you to identify, design, implement, manage and improve your IT services, using the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework to ensure that your IT services are aligned with your business needs.

We are one of the few consulting firms with the ability and expertise to deal with all aspects of infrastructure – from developing system architectures and disaster recovery environments or plans to energy monitoring and management solutions, from data center site due diligence to MEP design criteria development.

Our Typical Services

Technology Strategy, Architecture and Roadmap Development

We deliver best-practice solutions to meet YOUR business needs. Our approach is holistic; it integrates management (concept, commitment and engagement), technical (IT engineering, operations, facilities and tools) and support (process, operations and partners).

IT Services

We conduct in-depth analysis of infrastructure, including facilities, server, storage, networking platforms and the dependent services and applications. We present the findings to engage both technical and non-technical audiences, ensuring broad support for strategy development, project proposals and implementation.

Data Center & Infrastructure Design

In conjunction with our Technology Strategy process, we can develop a high-level technology architecture for budget purposes, or detailed design documents for the construction team, all the way through bid documents for the technology partners to provide a quote for your new environment.

Data Center Migrations

We can assist you in developing a measureable and manageable approach to complete data-center migrations. We can complete a thorough assessment of the IT environment, from scoping the project (servers, storage, network, database, applications, documentation and their inter-dependencies), collecting relevant data, developing migration group compositions, and coordinating the actual migration with internal business groups/departments. We will develop and coordinate the documentation and manage the process through to successful implementation.

We can manage the decommissioning process of redundant data-centers, facilitate the updating of your Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB), and ultimately perform a knowledge transfer with the operations team to ensure continuity of support when the project team disbands.

Data Center and Infrastructure Rationalization

Using our experience and applying industry best-practice, we can complete a strategic review of your IT infrastructure, identifying the number of data centers, their geographic location, duplication of assets and services, and any risks or exposure. We will recommend an overall strategy that will integrate disparate systems and architecture(s), and will set out the cost-benefit analysis of the solution, ensuring a successful outcome.

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Plan Development

We can assist you in the development of a disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) plan, from identifying risk factors to infrastructure architecture. There are many options today that go beyond the traditional hot-site/cold-site approach, or being dependent on expensive third-party vendors. Our approach will improve your daily business operations – and not just at a time of crisis.

When it comes to excellence in technology consulting, Nephin delivers, with deep information technology expertise and extensive business insight that sets us apart from the rest. Companies turn to us when they need a reliable technology consulting resource that offers best-practice solutions to today’s biggest IT challenges. You won’t find a more responsible, dependable or trusted partner to advance your IT infrastructure for competitive advantage.

With Nephin Technologies, you get a team of qualified and certified IT professionals, including chartered/professional engineers, software engineers, developers and project managers – all committed to putting their skills to work for you.

Our technology consulting services are based in Boston, but our portfolio of success is global in scale. In fact, we counsel businesses around the globe on the most innovative IT tactics that yield excellent results.

Let us help you:

  • Analyze and optimize your IT infrastructure
  • Align your IT strategy with your business goals & requirements
  • Develop your next generation infrastructure architecture
  • Position your organization for success using industry best practices
  • Develop a disaster recovery and continuity plan to protect your IT and business interests
  • Provide insight & perspective on leading edge solutions such as OpenStack, SDN, etc.

What makes our technology consulting services different?

  • Vendor-independent advice focused on your requirements
  • Scalable solutions that can be customized to your needs
  • Cost-effective and flexible strategies that deliver maximum ROI
  • Technical management resources that save you time & money