Energy Services

Energy efficiency is crucial. Rising energy costs are adding greatly to an organization’s overall costs. We can’t reduce the price of energy, but we can help you to reduce your energy consumption and thus your overall energy costs.

Energy management technology and services converge with ICT infrastructure. We provide two distinct yet connected services: Energy management + Energy monitoring

Energy Management

Energy Management when applied in a structured way can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. Through continuous improvement, an Energy Management Systems (such as ISO 50001:2011) will improve your organization’s energy performance year-on-year.

We design and implement bespoke energy management programs for public and private sector organizations. Here’s our five-step approach for developing an Energy Management Strategy:

Energy Monitoring

To implement an Energy Management System, you need an energy monitoring program – “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” This is a simple strategy and is one part of the structured approaches to energy management.

Independently of our energy management services, we can also design a bespoke energy monitoring solution, networked into your organization’s IT infrastructure. This will help you to identify exactly where energy is being wasted and thus implement an energy optimization program.

To learn more about energy management, please read Nephin’s White Paper – Saving Green – Your Roadmap to Reduce Energy Bills through Energy Management.