Data Center Consulting You Can Trust

Your data center is the lifeblood of your business. Nephin Technologies, a Boston-based data center consulting firm, is the consulting resource preferred by more Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations that have complex requirements and high standards for success.

With Nephin Technologies, you get best-practice approaches and customer-centric solutions for data center advancement, rationalization and optimization. We can provide data center assessment, site due diligence, strategy, design, management, procurement and more. We also have proven expertise in disaster recovery, business continuity, energy management and IT, Security and MEP design.

Let us help you:

Design & engineer your data center infrastructure for competitive advantage.

Rationalize and simplify your data center(s) for efficiency and cost control.

Provide strategic consulting to enable your data center, services and applications support your business even during times of emergency, or opportunity such as M&A.

Identify hardware solutions that can simplify and improve the performance of your environment through open source solutions and modular hardware.

Provide perspective and insight on leading edge solutions such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and how it helps complete the data center infrastructure virtualization process to further extend benefits including efficiency and flexibility.

Migrate and decommission your data center(s) with confidence, efficiency, simplicity and ease

Nephin can use our toolkit to help identify relationships and dependencies across the board from systems, services & apps, flagging any concerns with static IPs vs. DNS, legacy system & app performance limitations, WAN & LAN planning, and communication & management of business units to ensure the move goes according to plan; communication is critical, from identifying and documenting the actual strategy (be that a forklift migration or a more measured and structured approach), to supporting executive or sponsor buy in, or setting expectations for process, timeline, roles, responsibilities, etc.

If you “can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Nephin can help with your management solution to provide a comprehensive, integrated means to understand what’s happening in your environment, save money and avoid unexpected downtime.

From efficient IT architectures, green infrastructure strategy and energy conserving management techniques we can help you save green – both monetary and environmental.

Full service data center due diligence

Site selection, build vs buy, vendor services benchmark, infrastructure assessment through to ensuring your DR requirements are fulfilled.

Full service design and construction administration/management

From fiber & copper cable plant design, electrical & mechanical system load calculations to construction management and coordination with the IT teams, vendors & infrastructure, we’re a single-source design, consulting and implementation resource for all aspects of the data center.

We understand data center complexity. In fact, we completed a data center migration for a top financial services firm that included over 700 documented applications. We also implemented a data center relocation for a large public corporation across four continents.

Nephin Technologies has the technical expertise and project management services you need to modernize and advance your data center to meet today’s requirements for scalability, efficiency and availability and flexibility. We bridge many frameworks and paradigms, from ITIL and SOA, to Uptime and Open-IX.

Contact us to find out why for companies in Boston and much further beyond, we’re the data center consulting firm chosen for:

  • Optimizing and advancing data center technology
  • Developing a data center continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Building a scalable data center architecture and design